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Conifer Lockdown 'What to do ...'

Lockdown Update


I want to say thank you to everyone out there from Conifer class: pupil, parents, carer, family member. You are doing a magnificent job in such challenging times and at school we are so grateful for everything you are doing for your children - whether they are home learning or in school at the moment.


On the Year 3 and Year 4 google classroom you should find everything you need to four the lessons. They follow the curriculum we would be teaching if everyone was in school, just adapted for online learning. If you need anything, or are not sure, please email me on and I, or one of the other teachers, will get in touch.


At this time, we recognise that the well being of everyone is paramount. We know, as teachers, that if our pupils are not emotionally ready to learn, then they will find it extremely difficult to do so. Please look after each other, and if you think that you need some time away from the screen or work, then that is fine. If you could let us know if you are going to miss a lesson that would be really useful!


I can't tell you how much Mrs Cook, Mrs Blurton and I are looking forward to having everyone back on class. Let's hope it's soon!

Mr Wyness.


We live in times when we have to accept that, at any moment, a class or school might be closed down due to Covid. Last term, Conifer class was lucky enough to avoid any issues, but we cannot rely on luck alone to see us through the rest of the school year.


In the event of Conifer class, or All Saints school, being locked down, all lessons will be conducted via Google Classrooms. We will be reissuing the pupils with all their passwords and log ins at the beginning of the Spring term, and reminding them how to log on to the various websites and tools they might need. Packs with books and equipment should be ready to pick up from school by the end of the day after any lock down. If you cannot access the Google Classroom due to lack of connection or equipment, please let us know as soon as possible.


We have all learnt that, as long as the pupils keep to a routine, and keep engaged with learning. they will return to school significantly better prepared and in the right mindset to learn. If pupils don't have a routine, and don't try and engage in some of the learning provided they come back and find it hard to get back into their old learning habits. They also notice that their class colleagues are finding the transition far easier than themselves, and this can cause additional anxiety.


The first day's lessons on Google Classroom will be more quiz and activity based. This allows the pupils a day to get themselves orientated and set up at home, and allows the staff a day to adapt their lessons to the new, online format. It also gives us a day to help with any technical issues. Aside from that, please read the guidance the Trust and school have provided, and please get in touch if you have any questions, or issues.


Thank you for all the support you have given your children this year; despite all the difficulties, it has been a fantastic class to teach so far!