All Saints Church of England Primary School

"Guiding all our flock to flourish"


Welcome to Conifer Class!


We are a mixed class of Years 3 and 4 pupils, along with two teachers: Mr Wyness and Mrs Cook. What we want to achieve is to encourage our pupils to grow towards becoming life-long, independent learners, a journey that they will not finish this year, but they can travel a good way along it. This means we expect a lot from all of our pupils, but we make sure we provide them the support to achieve it.


As the year goes on we might add, or change, the information on here, so please come and have a look.


If you have any questions, it is best to get in touch through the school email,, or send in a note with your child. We will, of course, review this with any change to the Coronavirus advice.


We are really looking forward to teaching and learning with your children this year.

Key Information


Getting in touch: You are more than welcome to email at, or call the school if you need a more immediate answer. However, please also use the Reading Record if you want to send in simple messages. Your child's wellbeing  is really important at this time, so if you think something might affect their learning, please let us know.


Summer Term's topics: This term we will be looking at the Romans (what have they ever done for us?), and Volcanoes. In Science we are examining Sound and Magnetism, RE is all about Hinduism.  In Maths we are starting the term with Fractions, and Literacy is all about Adventure stories.


Autumn Term's topics: Who we are; The Stone, Bronze and Iron ages.

For more please see the Curriculum Newsletter below.


PE: PE will take place on Mondays and Thursdays from 17/05/2021. Please send your child in dressed in their PE kits. Where we can, we will have another session at another point in the week and we will let the children know when. 


Homework: we will send a letter home with all the homework details, including log ins and passwords. Please encourage your child to read lots! And to do their homework, even if it isn't something that has been set but your child would love to explore more. Homework will be given feedback, but the nature of the feedback will depend on the task.


Summer Homework: At this moment in time, please keep encouraging your children to read, practice their Times Tables and Spellings.


Pupil equipment: in order to make sure that we are safe in the classroom, we are managing access to personal pencil cases and equipment. Hopefully we won't have to do this for long. Please make sure your child comes with a coat - we do go out to break time in the rain sometimes! Pupils are welcome to use their own hand sanitiser, but we also have class sanitiser and a regular hand washing routine. Pupils can also bring in hand moisturiser if needed.


Books: we are always looking for good quality books to help supplement our reading range. Reading is one of the key pieces of knowledge that can enormously impact on later success in life. In addition, we will be sending home a Reading Record, reading book and a plastic wallet with each child. Please give them a wipe before using, just to be safe.

Curriculum Newsletters