All Saints Church of England Primary School

"Guiding all our flock to flourish"

Miss Carte- EYFS Teacher

My teaching journey began at All Saints back in 2007 and just to prove that I am a creature of habit, all but two of my last 13 years at this wonderful school have been happily spent in EYFS. It is where my heart belongs and I feel extremely lucky and privileged to be 'the first teacher' for many of our fantastic pupils in this school (past and present).


I have grown up with and developed both professionally and personally, just as the school has also taken on many changes! I have had the good fortune to be a part of bigger classrooms, new curriculums, expanding resources and most recently, an amazing Reception Base. With each year here, All Saints feels more and more like my second home ( I've certainly spent enough hours here!!!!) 

I love everything about teaching in EYFS. It feels so rewarding to see the huge personal journey each 4 year old makes between the beginning and end of their first school year. No little person's journey is the same and this is what makes my job so exciting and interesting. I buy endless pairs of black trousers as the knees don't last long when you spend half of the day crawling around on the carpet and of course, all I do each day is 'play' so who wouldn't really love doing that as their job!!


Being able to welcome new families to our school is also another reason why I love working with the youngest of our pupils so much. I love a good chat and what better way is there to get to know children and their parents and carers, than to have a good heart to heart. I teach from my heart and so this suits me down to the ground. 


At home, I love to cook and living with 3 hungry males in my family, it keeps me busy, trying and testing new recipes. I also love to exercise and have been a member of a ladies only bootcamp for nearly four years..helping me to keep up with my 2 young boys who bike and scoot everywhere! I'm an identical twin and so having 'twin time' is extremely important. If we are lucky enough to find the time, we often visit Manchester for the weekend, my third home!! 


That's me, Miss Carte. I have cold feet, a warm heart and EYFS running through my body laugh