All Saints Church of England Primary School

"Guiding all our flock to flourish"

Mrs Allen - Year 3 Teacher

Amazingly, I am now into my third decade of teaching and have taught every single year group except for one! There have been many ‘favourite’ year groups and classes for me – my mind keeps being changed as each time I move to teach a new year group or class it becomes my favourite! I have just completed six of these many teaching years at All Saints and have enjoyed continuing my own professional learning journey here as well as feeling extremely privileged to have supported many wonderful children through a portion of their primary school journeys.


I enjoy teaching and learning as part of a fabulous All Saints team and I am enormously proud of the nurturing that we all give to allow the children in our school community to flourish. I love to set high expectations and challenges for the children that I teach and see them gain the confidence and skills to reach those heights. Three of my regular sayings in the classroom are:

'Read More to Achieve More'

‘All Writing is BEST Writing’

‘Choose First Best to become your BEST.’


Words, words, words… My very favourite subject of all is literacy and I am never happier than when seeing children improve and excel with their own reading and writing. At home, our house is full of books and we have encouraged our own two children to become bookworms like their mum and dad!


Mrs Allen :)