All Saints Church of England Primary School

"Guiding all our flock to flourish"

Mrs Wagg- Year 1 Teacher

I have been teaching for 30 years and I could not imagine doing anything else.
I always wanted to be a teacher, even from a very early age when I used to line up teddy bears and dolls to take the register.
From my very first school experience during my teacher training at university I knew that my interest in early years and KS1 was extremely important to me.
I started my career at St Nicolas CofE Primary School in Nuneaton, spending 9 years as a reception teacher before moving to All Saints in 2009.
The way children learn to read, write, count, and develop an interest in learning and socialising has always given me the desire to give them the very best start in school life I can. I love the funny things children say, especially when you least expect it. I always intend to write them down.
I have worked with every year group in a primary school and enjoy all of them in different ways. At the moment I am fortunate to be working with Mrs Barton as my job share and feel we work really well together as part of our excellent team.
Home life is pretty busy with two boys in their early 20s, both of whom work locally. My husband is retired so working part-time means we can enjoy more quality time together, from trips out to nice long walks.
We’re both very busy in the kitchen and enjoy cooking for our family and are hopefully passing on a few tips to our boys.
I enjoy travelling and love nothing more than relaxing with a good book or two on holiday. I recently started dancing lessons with friends and am a reluctant gym goer (not often enough – but the intention is there).