All Saints Church of England Primary School

"Guiding all our flock to flourish"


Welcome to Willow Class!

 What will your Legacy be? 


This is going to be a fantastic time for Year 6! We have got some amazing Topics this year including a historical look at Africa, asking 'Who fought for the United Kingdom in WW2', and an examination of the Mayan civilisation with much, much more. We have the first class assembly from All Saints, a new classroom - and a bus! - and, of course, our Residential trip. So much to look forward to.


 Our theme this year is Legacy. We will be asking, what will your legacy at our school be? How will we remember you, when you have grown up and moved on? How will you inspire others to follow in your footsteps, and step up to the challenge you will lay down this year? Our Legacy vision will drive our efforts and how we want to be remembered. 


This year it is critical that we keep on top of the knowledge you have been building throughout your school time. To do this, it is expected that you do homework every week. A part of this will be tasks set on Google Classroom, or handed out by Mr Wyness. However, we also expect you to be:

  • reading at home (at least 3 times a week)
  • practicing your Times Tables and Maths skills (shopping is a brilliant time for this!)
  • and developing your spelling knowledge base through spelling practice

Please get into the habit of doing homework every week from the start. This will really help you when it comes to secondary school. We can discuss tips for homework in class, and at Meet the Teacher with your parents. There will also be opportunities for after school, Year 6 specific academic clubs, as well as the usual sports and other clubs.


This term, our PE will be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Pupils must come to school in PE kit, and we advise that you leave all jewellery at home, taping up any pierced ears, and tying up hair that is longer than shoulder length. The school is still undergoing extensive building work, so all PE is outside. This might mean that, in bad weather, we will have classroom based PE sessions.


A reminder that mobile phones are not allowed to be used, or left switched on, on the school premises. This is a non-negotiable. We recognise that Year 6s might need phones every day especially as they are old enough to get to and from school on their own. During the school day, phones must be handed into Mr Wyness, who will lock them away, in a box in a cupboard, until the end of the day. It is the pupil’s responsibility to look after their phones when not in the box, and to ensure they take their phones home at the end of each day. Please can we ask, if it is not necessary to bring to school a phone, or any valuable object, don’t bring it.


Lunch arrangements will be the same as last year, until the hall has been extended. So, we will spend half of lunchtime eating in our class, and half outside. Initially, we are sharing our lunchtime with our Year 3s, but due to the restricted space on the playground, Year 6s will spend their playtime in their own year group. Bubbles have been dropped, and when the building work is complete we will be reviewing the break time provision.


I can’t tell you how excited (and nervous!) I am to be your teacher this year. I have taught you in previous years, and I know how fabulous you all are, and how capable you can be. Year 6 is an important year, and I want to assure you all that we want to make sure that you have every support we can give you. We have an amazing opportunity to show our school community what it means to be a Year 6, to provide an inspiration for the rest of the school to want to be like you all. Let’s do it!

Mount Cook Trip Presentation