All Saints Church of England Primary School

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IPAT Policies

In addition to school policies, also applicable are the following Inspiring Primaries Academy Trust polices:


  • IPAT Admission Statement
  • IPAT Charging and Remissions Policy
  • IPAT Complaints Policy
  • IPAT Complaint Report Template
  • IPAT Discretionary Policies
  • IPAT Policy for Attendance and Punctuality
  • IPAT Policy for Bereavement Support
  • IPAT Policy for Compliance with the Single Equality Duty
  • IPAT Policy for Data Protection
  • IPAT Health and Safety Policy
  • IPAT Management of Outdoor Learning, Off-Site Visits and Adventurous Activities Policy
  • IPAT Policy for a Missing Child
  • IPAT Policy for Preventing Extremism
  • IPAT Policy for Pupil Exclusion
  • IPAT Policy for Pupil Health and Well-Being
  • IPAT Policy for Remote Education
  • IPAT Policy for Separated Parents
  • IPAT Policy for the Use of Reasonable Force
  • IPAT Virtual Live Lesson Protocols
  • IPAT Policy for Volunteers
  • IPAT Policy for Whistleblowing
  • IPAT Safeguarding Statement
  • IPAT Privacy notice Admissions applications
  • IPAT Privacy Notice Parents
  • IPAT Privacy Notice Staff
  • IPAT Privacy Notice Trustees, Governors and Volunteers
  • IPAT Privacy Notice Job Applicants
  • IPAT Subject Access Request Policy
  • IPAT Inclusivity Policy
  • IPAT Curriculum Overview
  • IPAT Curriculum Framework Summary
  • IPAT Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development