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Remote Learning Feedback


In January 2020, a couple of weeks into the third lockdown, we asked you for feedback on our school remote learning policy.


We had 124 responses in total

  • When asked “On a scale of 1-5, how happy are you with the remote provision being offered to your child?” the average score was 4.5.

  • 102 parents felt the amount of live lessons was “just right”, 9 parents said "too few” and 10 said “too many.”

  • 97 parents said the amount of work being set was “just right, 4 said too little and 23 said too much.


Here are some of your comments:

  • 'The live lessons and format for Google Classrooms is great.'
  • 'Really pleased with everything so far. Can't fault!'
  • 'Well done to everyone for adapting so quickly to the changes and thank you all for your hard work to ensure that our children are still able to learn.'
  • 'I'm loving the structure the kids have this time, so much better having live lessons.'
  • 'The provision is excellent quality and my son is thriving on the lessons.'
  • 'School has done amazingly well to get lessons running so quickly.'

Some highlights from our last parental survey in 2020:


  • ‘Amazing staff, very approachable and friendly.’

  • ‘I have seen some wonderful changes recently.’

  • ‘This school was the best choice for my child.’

  • ‘I absolutely love this school, they have been very welcoming.’

  • ‘If I have a problem, they take my concerns seriously and deal with them.’

  • ‘I am a big fan of the school for many reasons.’

  • ‘The school has made huge improvements in a relatively short period of time. It is welcoming, forward thinking and there is a sense of belonging.’

  • ‘Communication is much better and the increased social media activity makes us all feel much more connected.’

  • ‘As parents we could not be more grateful to All Saints and its’ child focussed approach to education and well-being.’