All Saints Church of England Primary School

"Guiding all our flock to flourish"

Ofsted and Performance Data

Ofsted inspected our school on 11th and 12th October 2023. We are delighted to have been judged Good in all areas. Below you will find a copy of the final report which recognises many of the strengths of the school.
  • Pupils state our teachers are 'encouraging, kind and supportive'.
  • Staff praise effectively to celebrate positive behaviour.
  • The school deals with bullying quickly.
  • Children get off to a strong start in Reception.
  • Our phonics program is delivered effectively.
  • Children get the opportunity to explore, risk take and learn through play.
  • The school prioritises reading and has invested in a new reading spine.
  • The school is embedding a new knowledge rich curriculum.
  • Pupils behaviour is a strength of the school.
  • The school prioritises pupils' personal development.
  • Pupils have the opportunity to take on positions of responsibility.
  • The school is well led and managed.
  • Leaders communicate with a range of external agencies to ensure that pupils with SEND receive the support they need.
We will not however rest on this report. We will continue to develop our curriculum, ensuring it is fully embedded across the school. We will also look at developing our pedagogical approached to support our pupils' learning. We will continue to refine our approach to ensure we offer the very best education to the children in our care as we 'guide all of our flock to flourish'.

Academy Conversion

IPAT Peer Review October 2019

Performance Data