All Saints Church of England Primary School

"Guiding all our flock to flourish"


The ASUS Hub Curriculum draws on the strengths and expertise of three schools, while allowing each school to then fine tune that curriculum to best suit their individual school needs.


The curriculum has been designed with several principles at its core. These have been derived from research conducted by scientists and psychologists - however we recognise that knowledge does not stand still, and we accept that our curriculum must be continuously under review as we better understand how children learn.


We started by working out how much time we had to teach each subject; this was the limiting factor that would dictate what we would teach, and how we would teach it. We then agreed on several philosophies, to ensure a consistency of vision across the curriculum. These are:

  • A spiral curriculum, with knowledge being built on activated prior knowledge.
  • Teach less, but teach it deeper, and teach it better.
  • Built in retrieval and practice.
  • Inclusion of facts+skills+experiences to make the knowledge we want our children to learn.
  • That, with something like a dozen secondary schools that our pupils could go to, we might not be able to present the exact knowledge our pupils need, but we can instill in them the love of learning they will need to succeed.
  • That our Hub might not have the necessary depth of knowledge for every subject, but we acknowledge that our teachers are pedagogical experts, and know our pupils well, and that we are becoming curriculum experts, where we can see and identify the features a curriculum needs to support and nurture our pupils.
  • That to be successful learners, our pupils need subject knowledge and the learning knowledge. Pupils will need to be taught emotional regulation and metacognition skills and awareness, so they can, over time, take control of their own learning, and understand how and when to apply their resilience and perseverance.
  • We also recognise that our curriculum journey starts, and is built on, a successful and comprehensive EYFS curriculum. EYFS forms the foundation of every subject, it’s assessment informs every teacher in every year group, and its principles extend into KS1.


Our curriculum consists of the following core subjects: Maths, Literacy (including writing, reading, phonics and handwriting), P.E., Science and MFL. As Church Schools, we also have RE as a core subject. With the recent pandemic, and the impacts it has had on our pupils' wellbeing, we have also promoted PSHE to a core subject. Our foundation subjects are: Art, Design Technology, History, Geography and Computing.


We are also moving towards greater sustainability. This doesn’t just cover our environmental impact, or the awareness in our pupils of their future obligations to our world. It also includes having a curriculum  approach that can be maintained and exploited to the highest standards, all while keeping stakeholder wellbeing and participation at its core.


Our philosophy as such is simple: we want every child to leave our schools as positive, enthused learners; with a deep knowledge of the subjects they have been taught; and with a desire to go out into the world and be successful in the way they see best for themselves.


More details about our curriculum can be found below through clicking on the subject specific icons. This is not the end of our journey. As we move forwards, school leaders, subject leaders, class teachers and governors will continue to build on our curriculum offer. We recognise that our curriculum is a 'living' document and that it will continue to evolve.