All Saints Church of England Primary School

"Guiding all our flock to flourish"

Mission Statement

"Guiding all our flock to flourish"


This statement is based on the idea of us acting as a shepherd, the same way the Lord God does in Psalm 23:1-5 (ICB). 


The Lord is my shepherd.

    I have everything I need.

He gives me rest in green pastures.

    He leads me to calm water.

He gives me new strength.

For the good of his name,

    He leads me on paths that are right.

Even if I walk

    through a very dark valley,

I will not be afraid

    because you are with me.


We want to give our “flock”, our community what they need; whether that be rest, calm, strength or guidance. We aim to be a place of safety - a sanctuary where everyone can flourish. We guide our families, meeting them wherever they are, and helping them on their journey academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. 


The idea of a guiding and protecting shepherd also appears in the gospels of Luke and Matthew. These gospels tell of a shepherd who values all of his sheep and ensures they are all safe, even those who wander and need more than others. At All Saints, we want our families to flourish forever using the values we have helped to instill in them- ‘for all the days of their lives’.