All Saints Church of England Primary School

"Guiding all our flock to flourish"

Who's Who

Mrs E Darragh ~ Executive Principal

Mr S Crick ~ Head of School, PE and Enrichment Lead, Intervention Teacher


Mrs J Ross ~ Phase Lead (UKS2), Math Lead, Years 5/6 Teacher

Mrs J Booth ~ Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs L Squires ~ Year 5/6 Teacher


Mrs J Dunn ~ Phase Lead (LKS2) ~ English Lead, Year 3/4 Teacher

Mrs C Morrison ~ RE/Collective Worship and Spirituality Lead, Year 3/4 Teacher

Mrs V Njoroge ~ Computing Lead, Year 3/4 Teacher


Mrs K Fraser ~ Phase Lead (KS1) Year 1/2 Teacher

Miss S Tansey ~ DT Lead, Year 1/2 Teacher

Miss A Richards ~ Year 1/2 Teacher


Mrs R Webb-Jenkins ~ Phase Lead (EYFS) Phonics Lead, EYFS Teacher

Mrs S Wagg ~ PSHE Lead, EYFS Teacher

Miss A Clark ~ EYFS Teacher


Miss V Poynor ~ Cover Supervisor

Mrs H Bolton ~ Cover Supervisor, ELSA

Miss C Harrison ~ Cover Supervisor 


Miss E Carvell ~ SENCO

Mrs Z Kirby ~ Family Support Worker

Mrs S Howard ~ HLTA

Miss A Ellingworth - Support Staff


Mrs D Oussia ~ Learning Support Assistant

Mrs D Rutter ~ Learning Support Assistant

Mrs G Kendrick ~ Learning Support Assistant

Mrs G Revell ~ Learning Support Assistant, Interventions

Mrs N Chippendale ~ Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S Judkins ~ Learning Support Assistant, Wellbeing Lead

Miss S Palmer ~ Learning Support Assistant

Miss T Ferreria de Almeida ~ Learning Support Assistant

Mrs V Earl ~ Learning Support Assistant

Mrs V Macey ~ Learning Support Assistant


Mrs K Richardson ~ Office Manager

Mrs M Bennett ~ Administration Assistant


Mr B Troke ~ Premise Officer